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Absolute Blue

What people think about Absolute Blue

A lot of people liked Absolute Blue – the 2D retro space shoot’em’up game from Emmanuel and myself. I just googled for Absolute Blue and found some really nice feedback on boards:

Thanks for making this great game FREE. I downloaded it yesterday and played for several hours. Super game! TazMaz47

10 secs of music was enough to get me into downloading the demo. after playing the game for a while i say ” nice job ” but looking at the screen shots of later levels i have to say ” excellent job “

I know having the first level in a ” empty looking ” space field is almost a standart but the later levels look so awesome. Maybe you can put one of those as the first level ?Dakurv

That game actually looks hot for a 2D game Cervante1

Excellent, […] It reminded me of Cosmic Avenger on the ole’ ColecoVision console system. The pre-rendered back drops are top-notch. Nice work. SabataRH

cowl I like it. I give it a 9.9 lennartthiesen

Nice very nice. Looks as good as it plays, I think I may end up buying this and believe me im tight fisted where money is concerned, my kids love old style blasters and this certainly fits the bill tiler

Awesome game.. Although I PWNED it in Hard mode in 1 day Leper

the first thing that struck me was the high quality of the music. Give the music guy two pats in the back for me AVataRR

Did I mention that Absolute Blue is a KICKASS AWESOME oldschool 2D game WarpFire

Looks pretty good to me. Certain things I thought could use a little improvement here and there, but overall it’s a really nice classic style side scrolling shooter remniscent of R-type and other great games svero

Hey friends!!!!!!!!! It’s a very fabulous game in the downloadable games. I had played this game 10 to 12 times in this week. I get lots of fun when I played this Absolute Blue. I am pleased with this fantastic game Russell

All the games which I have now boring so I had decided to bought this Absolute Blue game. I find very interesting levels in this game, with extraordinary screen shot. Very easy to play this downloadable game!!!!! Cecil

Absolute Blue is one the unique game in the shooting category. All the stages are very smartly we have to play. If we upgrade our weapon then easily we can defeat our enemies without any trouble. This is rocking game try it…. Harold

What I tell about this outstanding game, last week when I went at my friend’s house, he suggests me this challenging game. I am very amazed with its fabulous graphics. I always win in this game. Sigmund

I highly prefer this game, when I take my laptop in traveling. Absolute Blue is mind-blowing game. My mind becomes fresh when I play this game. I never feel bore when I play this downloadable game. Jody

Well finally got to test this baby on a geforce2 mx 400 and athlon 1.05GHZ and just gotta say……Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!What a rush!!!!!!! Takes me right back to the AMIGA and XENON 2-Megablast!!!!(Even though that was a vertical scroller) Only played with the mouse tho’ and my first thought was…’what no inertia’… but thank mother nature the ship stuck to the mouse like shit to a blanket!!!! I agree with all the good above and then some!!!!AWESOME!!!! sparkyboy

its nice, maybe a bit easy, maybe the powerups are too frequent cliffski

BTW, I absolutely LOVE your Absolute Blue. I was religious about R-Type back in the NES days …. Still to this day I look for games like it, thats how I found yours. Thanks for making it free! vgun

I liked, it´s a very cool game. stigmawall

Thank you, guys. Its so great to see that there are people out there who are loving your games.

What people don’t like about Absolute Blue

On some machines there is a memory access violation, and the game doesn’t run. Some people reported, that if they try to start the game a few times, it worked for them. Weird!

Another workaround to fix the problem is to create a new empty file in the game directory (for example in: C:Program FilesAbsolute Blue) and name it 16bit.mode. This will force Absolute Blue to run in 16-BIT-Graphics Mode and the crashes should hopefully disappear.

There were also some discussions on the mouse control of Absolute Blue:

I think the people on those boards are absolutly right. If I would make Absolute Blue today, I won’t add mouse controls anymore.

What I dont like anymore about Absolute Blue

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